Biomimetic Finger Testing

Created an automated testing system using a robot arm and computer vision to examine the relationship between fingertip motion and deformation characteristics.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Through the use of computer vision, machine learning, and robotic manipulation, I created a robotic rock, paper, scissors partner!

Infrared Wand Painting

Inspired by the magical interactives at theme parks, I created an infrared-based wand detection program that allows you to "paint" on screen.

Quadrotor Control

Through the use of a wifi-enabled Raspberry Pi, I assembled and programmed a multi-degree-of-freedom PID controller for a small quadrotor.


Using computer vision and robotic manipulation techniques, my team and I turned an Adroit Manipulator Arm into a world class foam ball goalkeeper!

Mobile Manipulation

Using a simulated KUKA youBot, I wrote software that plans an end-effector trajectory, calculates wheel odometry, and performs feedback control to pick up and relocate an object.

Remotely-Operated Vehicle

Design, manufactured, and successfully tested a camera-equipped remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) controlled by an onboard Arduino microncontroller in a sealed housing.

Physics Simulator

This project aimed to simulate a 2D physical system with multiple impacts and external forces using Lagrangian dynamics.

Pen-Grabbing Robot

Through the use of a depth camera and a 4DOF robotic arm, I wrote a program to identify, locate, and grasp a pen out of my hand.

Mobility Assistance Car

As part of the senior design sequence at UCF, my team worked with the Go Baby Go! non-profit program to create a custom mobility assistance vehicle for a partner family in need.

Animatronic Grad Cap

To celebrate the culmination of my undergraduate degree, I design, programmed, and built an animated graduation cap featuring the one and only Knightro!